Mikhail Knyazev and Daria Belova presented their experimental studies on the Dialogue conference

Mikhail Knyazev presented an experimental study of Russian factive islands. The experiment compared extractions from chto- and to,chto-clauses with factive and nonfactive verbs. The results showed no effect of factivity but a strong island effect of to,chto across verb classes. This suggests that there is no hidden nominal structure in factive clauses, contrary to some popular approaches.

Daria Belova presented an experimental study of structures with split scrambling. With the help of acceptability assessment methods with the use of the Likert scale, self-paced reading, and prosodic experiment, the possibility of separating the left element (determinator or possessor) from the noun head within DP or PP is compared with the separation of the nominal head from its complement (dependent infinitive or prepositional phrase).